Tablet&Mobile Trackers


Tablet Mobile Tracking System is nothing but normal GPS tracking system in which come and GPS tracker is replaced with tablets and mobiles.

The system eliminate separate usage of GPS tracker and its accessories which is replaced with normal mobile phones and tablets which are intended for their personal usage. Here also we are tracking the personals with targeted mobile phones and tablets in order to real-time monitoring of them.


Tablet & mobile tracker systemis a general communication system, that is used to real-time monitor and track movements of personnels with valuable assets when it is ported from one place to another in order to ensure asset's safety.


Real time monitoring

With the aid of Advanced communication system linked with mobile phones or tablets of a person who are travelling with valuable assets, we can monitor the movements.


An administrator can view the current location and track history of personnel to whom to be tracked in a single screen dashboard designed for this application.


System will generate push notification for mobile and desktop notification for system, for there is any change in normal tracking functionality to alert the administrator.


System is equipped with alarms and alerts when there is undesired movement sensed by tracking mobiles or tablets.

Customisable report

Administrator can view number of mobiles and tablets at a time when it is needed or by selecting individual options.


System can detect violation of geo zone, and changing moment via tracking, and proceed with alarms for the administrator alertness.


Advanced technology in telematics provide real time and accurate location.
Continuous monitoring
System with mobile and tablet trackers with server interaction produce real time uninterrupted monitoring.
Easy installation
It's like personal tracker in which mobile and tablet identification is enough to monitor their movements.
Asset safety
Alarming alerts and call features ensure the safety of asset that is in movement by interacting with administrator.
Anti theft
Administrator can monitor the personal who hold valuable asset by continuous tracking of him.
Customise notification reports and alert improve the performance and sustainability of tracking.